Sunday, June 15, 2014

Lacy paper frames

This section of work looked at creating contemporary lace effects using stitch with handmade paper and wirework.  Initial frames, approx. 25cm square, were made square using 1.25mm wire, then wrapped and tied with various fibres eg. perle 5 cotton, thicker jute string, thin strips of muslin.
These frames were then dipped in white paper pulp, pressed and left to dry completely.

8.1: Example of
I then stitched back into the frames using hand and machine stitch trying to make connections with the original lace patterns found in Reticella and Punto in Aria.

8.2: grid stitching across voids with couched perle
8.3: further threads wrapped over paper then drawn together using free zig-zag to create 'branches' of varying thicknesses
8.4: detail of 8.3
The additional stitching in 8.5 below was done by hand to simulate the woven bars and grid patterns used in Reticella lace.  The handstitches used were twisted lattice stitch (top left in photo 8.5), knotted buttonhole filling stitch (middle) and cretan open filling stitch (right and bottom)

8.5: handstitched "lace"

Having read Sian's work in"Approaches to Stitch"only recently I decided to make some wire bottles in a similar fashion. My bottles were pharmaceutical based for reasons which will come later in another chapter.  The wire was thinner this time (0.9mm) to bend more easily but still retain a firm shape and  I wrapped the wire with masking tape to enable the paper pulp to better stick to the outline,

8.6: wrapped wire bottles
8.7: after dipping in paper pulp and drying
then painted them with acrylics

8.8: bottle wire frames painted and further stitched into

I turned back to my research theme and created some wire frames in the shape of the floral motif used in earlier chapters of this module.

8.9: floral wireforms (top left one had windings of muslin strips which account for the greater paper pulp trapped
These reminded me of brittle leaves and might be something I'll take forward into designs for the final assessment piece.  But back to my bottles for the next design part..


Els said...

these are fantastic tryouts !!!

Miss said...

Love the bottles

sharon young said...

These lace effects are superb, it was one of my favourite exercises, I love the lace stitches you've created here, there's so much scope for further work.
The bottles look great too, the colours are very striking.

ferinn said...

Great work,so different from your felt.Paper is so versatile.

Anne B said...

Fascinating Helen.