Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Silk paper suspensions - chapt 6

Working towards using silk paper in some resolved samples later on, I played around with suspending various 'treasures' within silk fibres, initially undyed tussah silk. My intention was to make the items appear to float on the surface, so the silk layers were very thin, particularly over the items themselves - not so apparent in the photos on a white background.

6.1: captured scrim and soft cocoons
6.2:eucalyptus leaves 
6.3 wool nepps
6.4: feathers
6.5: raffia strips
Then did a bit of dyeing of the fibres using acid dyes
6.6: dye added and 'squidged' through the fibres previous soaked in vinegar
6.7: Wrapped in clingfilm and steamed for 30 mins
6.8:dried dyed tussah silk
Used this dyed silk for more paper
6.9: trapped leaves and machined cords

6.10: torn photos of vegetation

6.11: sliced felt ball


Els said...

Oh my, Helen, don't know how I missed all your wonderful posts !!!!
Congratulations on your two prizes (!!) ánd that you sold that gorgeous Thought Bubbles piece !
It's very interesting to see the silk paper ... What do you use for "glue"???
Love all your samples !

Max the Lobster said...

Love your samples Helen especially the dyed ones.