Friday, April 10, 2009

More Exotica....

Yesterday was the closing date for all the ATASDA entries for Exotica and I staggered back to the house with the final load from the post office. Over 100 packages have come in one form or another and I thought it merited a photo. You'll be glad to hear that I simply offloaded them on to the exhibition folk to get prepared for the first venue in Perth in May. I will have the fun of simply turning up to help man the stand in Sydney in June - I can't wait to see how it all looks.

As well as my vine I made a cartouche (yes, we all had to look up wikipedia for that one too) for the exhibition. I decided to go down the mixed media avenue after my recent fibreinform online workshop and produced a very 3D hanging (about 6 x 12 inches) which I've called Sea Dragon.
It features paper casting for the border and dragon with molding paste, scrim and fibres to set them in. I've used Golden flow acrylics and waxes to bring out the texture.
It then has some surface machine and hand stitching to integrate it all.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Exotica exhibition

I got all my attachments back from other ATASDA members for my "Bugs and Botanica" vine that I mentioned in a previous blog in Feb. They are so cute and match with my colour theme so well.

I added a couple more felted tendrils to the main felted vine and four lace leaves to fill it out to produce the final vine below. It hangs about 80 cm long and will form part of the travelling exhibition "Exotica" along with about 44 more vines and many more wall hangings, headdresses and masks. More photos will follow, I'm sure, after it comes to Sydney in June.