Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Chapt 5: Making more holes

Back to coursework for module 5, in particular chapter 5 where I've been messing about with devore paste.  I've taken some time to post on this work because quite frankly it's been a bit of a disaster, and really the first area of textiles I would rather 'lay down and avoid'.

I used "Fibre Etch" paste and began by stencilling the paste through various masks using a brush onto cotton fabric of various thickness. This was done outside on the decking with appropriate gloves and mask then the fabrics were left to dry naturally on the clothes line.  It 'seemed' to have worked in that a representation of the stencil could be seen, particularly when I had ironed to a caramel colour, but when washed out, the fabric became a shredded mess with no apparent pattern.

I decided to try again with a silkscreen to achieve a more even coverage of paste and also to try a mixed fibre fabric intended for devore.
I prepared a pattern mask on acetate using one of the motifs I'd developed from Reticella lace samples

and screenprinted the paste through the positive and negative versions of this stencil onto a viscose velvet/ silk fabric.
The sample pieces were then dyed in an urn for 45mins using an olive green acid dye.

5.1: negative images made in fabric

5.2 positive images made in fabric

I can appreciate the skill and experience involved in achieving precise and sharp images in devore but the rather tatty look, I had no problem in producing, kind of appeals to me.  Still, the blend of using hazardous liquids and my least favourite technique of screenprinting dissuades me for pursuing this much further.

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ferinn said...

I rather like your Devore samples too.the green is lovely used on the velvet as well as the silk.