Friday, June 6, 2014

Pocket features - chapt 7

Great fun researching pocket ideas - amazing how many enclosed compartments and 'pockets' you can start finding around the house and in nature of course.  Think of any seed pod and nut and it can be translated into a clever llittle pocket feature.  I jotted a few down to remind myself:

7.1: simple drawings and notes on pockets
along with various means of closure eg rivets, solder, lacing etc.
Origami folded pockets are extremely numerous but I liked  these in particular:

7.2: folded origami pockets using tracing paper (lying on A4 sketchbook for scale)
I then created a few pockets of my own using mainly clear acetate (the flexible kind for covering books) - some are both open topped and some completely enclosed, attached on to a thick vilene backing for support.

In detail they are:

7.5: module 5 motif machine stitched enclosing lavender 
7.6: open topped acetate pocket made with eyelets holding scrim
acetate channel pockets standing proud of backing, holding machined cords
7.8: open pocket sealed with glass beads
7.9: mesh of melted plastic food bags, stapled to backing to create pocket
7.10: enclosure created with sewn buttons holding buttonhole samples
7.11: open pocket made with twisted buttonhole stitch in perle 5
7.11: holes in acetate pocket sides 'sealed' with blanket stitched cords

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sharon young said...

What a fabulous collection of pocket samples, I love your use of acetate sheets and metal eyelets.
These samples will make a wonderful resource for later study.