Saturday, February 5, 2011

Does this work....?

I find that designing a new pattern for a bag is a bit like a cryptic puzzle - how to get everything neatly sewn in, in the right order and still leave the correct opening available so that you can turn everything out through the lining.  I still have so many "oh, that's why you never do that!" moments and examples of sewing myself into a dead end or un-turn-out-able bags, but when it works out you feel you've cracked the Rubik's cube.

I had one of those feelings when I cracked making this little evening bag fully lined in one go.

 Various tutorials detailed the making of a boxy bag like this but either they had no lining or the lining had to added in after by hand.  Anyway, I was on a high.  Then my daughter said "oh, I like the soap bag".

So my question is does this work as an evening bag since it's in silk and metallic threads?  Or does it still look like it should be hiding a shower cap inside?  I need your help....

With these thoughts, I tried another simpler design without the wraparound zip and boxy shape.  Comments gladly accepted.

Both bags are about the same size - 8inches length by about 4-5inches high, 1.5inch wide at the bottom and have a wrist strap or a shoulder strap attachable with swivel hooks.