Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Summer Sketchbook project

SinceI missed out on the Distant Stitch school at Urchfont this July I've decided to take part in Sian's sketchbook project and hopefully get myself stimulated to do more C&G diploma work.

I stained some pages of a llittle A6 sketchbook with black tea and also with green tea which gave a more yellowish tinge to the pages.  After Anne commented on using coffee, I sprinkled some coffee grounds onto some of the damp pages which left interested speckles to the background.

I picked a pear as the subject of my sketches.
The next sketches used a pen with watercolour pencils.  The sticker is from the original pear.
The photo below is of sketches with shadow work (day 6 from Sian) using charcoal and watercolour pencil.

I left my sketchbook open on the table ready for the next task together with my 'model' but came back down to find this......

.......I'm not put off but I think I'll need another pear.....grrrrr


JaneO said...

Oh well, it makes for an interesting surface.

ferinn said...

Could make "decaying pear" your subject!