Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Sketchbook - day 11 mixing colours

I went back to my pears for this task and looked at the greens and browns in the fruit.
I did a quick collage page using torn pieces of fruit and veg from magazines and then made a coloured page using layers of oil pastels. 

The layers allowed me to scrape out pear skeletons - the top one had a bottom layer of yellow pastel and the lower shape had a bottom layer of black pastel.
I then did two green coloured pages using layers of Koh-i-noor paint adding oil pastels as a resist to get a mottled effect of brown / green like on the pear skin.
I was given a set of these paints last year during Urchfont so kindly by Betty, to try out and I simply love them.  They are so full of pigment.  So thank you, Betty.

In the last pages I used other blends of watercolours to get the greens and matched some fibres and fabric with the pages

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