Monday, July 25, 2011

Sketchbook - day 8 surface pattern

The challenge here was to take a relatively simple surface pattern and use that to reflect the 3D nature of the object.
Looking at my stripy pyjamas this morning I took a couple of photos of the folds:

The first drawing was done in watercolour pencil -

 Didn't work out too well - the valleys and peaks ended up in reverse I thought...

I used a fine marker pen for the second drawing below to see if varying the thickness of the pattern lines a bit more carefully would give me better results.  Also some smudging done with water for depth and shadows-

I then decided to look at different fabric, a check instead of only stripes -
Again I used fine pen and a little watercolour pencil smudged with damp paintbrush for shadows. 


ferinn said...

The middle one has such a great sense of movement.

Stitch Loop said...

Bridget Riley, watch out! Sian