Friday, July 22, 2011

Sketches day 6 - getting bigger

Miraculously overnight my pear resurrected....and duplicated....

I thought about carrying on with the half eaten one but hey, it looked so juicy, I couldn't resist.   So one visit to the supermarket later I'm back again.

I chose a thick charcoal stick to draw the bottom of the pear with thick marks and the edge for finer lines.
I did find the spiral back a bit annoying and also wished I'd stained more of the pages in the hinge area but good practice.

I repeated the task using an artist's brush marker pen in green to try and get a variation in line thickness.  I used cross hatching to get a bit of shading on the pear but couldn't resist also blending the lines a little with water.

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Meg said...

Beautiful drawings Helen.