Thursday, July 28, 2011

Chapter 9 (remember that...?)

Now where was I in Module 2?  Oh, yes I hadn't posted up the rest of Chapter 9 on all things metal:
9.5 gold oil pastel over rubbing sheet on back cotton

After I had played around on the machine with metallic threads caught up everywhere inside the workings (ah, now it's all coming back why I stopped...) I made some fabric samples using metallic paints, inks, transfer adhesive sheets.
I prepared a number of backgrounds but have only photographed a couple here.

9.6 shows printed moifs on background in gold acrylic paint with separate printed segments of these motifs added on top.  These shapes were printed on black kunin felt then soldered out.

In 9.7 the background shapes were added from tranfoils using adhesive on my foam stamp.  Similar felt motifs were added.  Expandable puff paint was added to the edges to give further dimension.  You can see this in 9.8 below

In 9.9 I created a large felt piece in a similar fashion, printing and foiling but this has further embroidery in metallic thread before it was heat gunned and applied to a printed background. 


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Anne B said...

Oh these are lovely Helen. I like the backgrounds too. The top pic is gorgeous in its own right.