Friday, August 21, 2009

Design with Image copies

It might seem like I'm working 24 hours/day at the moment but really only now piecing together the story around designs I created before summer school. I thought it helped to keep the heap 'flexible' but actually my brain just copied the heap and got more confused. Hopefully this will give me direction now.

Page 10A:
I took my photo of coloured leaves, cropped two similar but different images from it, grayscaled and colourwashed them in theme colours. These were enhanced with crayon and bleach marks then cut up into sections resembling branches. Each enhanced page was A5 in size as in bottom right of page.

Page 10B:
These pieces were arranged in interesting designs (10.1 to 10.6). The designs were about A4 in size but were reduced for the A3 page.

Page 10C:
The designs from 10B were further enhanced with pen, crayon and paint marks to link the pieces. The marks resembled leaf shapes. The designs can be seen in more detail by clicking on the page to enlarge it.

Page 10D:
I looked at design 10.10 on the previous page further. I printed the scanned decorated paper image on to vellum to exploit the translucency, creating more layers, and enable the positive and negative leaf shapes to appear from underneath. In retrospect the original decoration of the image is a bit lost on the dark green background, perhaps confused further by the additional cable stitching in the background.
The leaf shapes are created on top with cable stitch and the fushia pink marks replacing the original leaf stamp have been half stitched / half woven.

Page 10E:
I played further with design 10.10 by cropping two smaller interesting sections from it which had clearer shapes, making repeated copies flipped and unflipped. The result is, or course, 70s wallpaper but I like the band / border designs created in 10.14 and 10.15, and the motifs in 10.16, particularly the one created by the lacy white leaf shapes, I think are worth taking further.

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