Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Chapter 9 - Design with abstracted fragments

Planned to post up this work before mounting on formal pages but realised that too many photos would have been required and the post way too lengthy. So here are the summary pages from the work which enlarge a little if you click on them.

Page 9A (above):
I picked a line drawing (9.1) from my sketchbook of saprophytes to develop, abstract and manipulate in Photoshop.

Page 9B:
Looked at design 9.9 from the previous page in various colour combinations of my colour scheme.

Page 9C:
Went back and did the exercise again with another design of flowing lines taken from my favourite wiggly tree. The photo below shows the original design idea in more detail.

Page 9D:
Selected two twisted manipulations (9.18 and 9.19 on page 9D) and looked at colour combinations again. I felt these looked more promising and related back to flowing branches, vines, etc more easily.

Page 9E:
Took design 9.19 and explored the colour fragments further on a larger scale using my decorated papers. Tried to combine some fragments in similar papers within a complementary coloured background - but feel that there is too much pattern here to produce clear designs.

Page 9F:
Presented the most interesting shapes from combined fragments on at the top of the page. Realised that the interest probably lies not in the shape itself but in the movement portrayed by the fragments.
The rest of the page looks at extrapolated designs from this with some texture and relief to give movement in the design. Must try not to keep on returning to coils and spheres, though!


Maggie said...

Helen, this posting and your last are very exciting, it's great to watch the development. I'm hoping some of your imagination rubs off on me! Keep up the great work... Maggie.

jane said...

Hi Helen
You appear to be on a roll with postings coming thick and fast!
The stitched interpretations of your coloured papers are lovely, I hope you are pleased with them. The fragments exercise has worked well and has given you lots of ideas for the future.