Thursday, August 27, 2009

Towards an embroidered item

I prepared an A3 size piece of material (top left corner of Page 12A below) from fabric pieces overlaid with fine netting and free machine and cable stitching. Shapes (derived from the black and white bark lace drawing in chapter 11) were cut out and edged in fushia machine buttonhole stitch. These shapes were arranged in various compositions and temporarily sewn together to give the impressions of 3D items.

Page 12A:

Page 12B:
Another piece of material was prepared in a complementary colour scheme, the shape (UFO-like) taken from a monoprint design in chapter 11.
Various compositions are shown combining the two shapes in this page and the next (page 12C)

Page 12C:

Page 12D:
I took these compositions, scaled up and down, and suggested their use in various clothes and accessories eg. bags, hats, scarves, and earings.

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