Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Bold marks

Since I had some interesting papers already made I decided to look at those marks in closer detail for this section of design.

Page 11A (above):
The paper was decorated with sweeping broad brush strokes in acrylic paint on an inked background. I cropped two areas which had overlapping strokes and played around ending up with quite leafy looking border patterns and flowerlike motifs.

Page 11B:
I picked a square cropped area from a paper that had been monoprinted in several layers. The repeated shape gave endless designs but I've highlighted 3 above that again had a leafy theme of creepers and vines, etc. Since the original monoprint was made with pigmented gel medium, the reddish background (if you enlarge it) has a lot of interesting texture in it which I like.

Page 11C:
I also went back to some monoprints of Saa (mulberry) bark, cropped parts and played around in positive and negative designs. The laciness (if that's a word) really appealed to me and so I looked at that further.

Page 11D:
I looked at simplifying the cropped bark monoprint before replicating in a line drawing here.
I've then overlaid that image onto design 11.7 on page 11B using cellophane.

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