Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sketchbook - days 13 to 16

My initial attempts at merging the ink with water to highlight my pear were not that successful - too much water and blotches everywhere really. 

Cut back on the 'swimming pool', and tried again with the pear and some grapes.

I 'filled in' one of my background copies this way but realised I should have printed on to watercolour paper and not the printer card.  The water simply went straight in and no blending happened.

Next my attempt at mixing layers of oil pastels to get the right colour

And my squiggly pear...

Day 16 called for collage work with our subject so I ripped and stuck a few versions of my pear and crinkling grapes.  In the last photo I used a photo of rainforest vegetation for the pear ground and then tried to add scraps to lighten the pear, whereas in the first I added scraps to darken along with some highlights.

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Meg said...

These are great. I think I'll have to try a pear, everyone seems to have great success with them