Thursday, August 4, 2011

Sketchbook - day 19 ish!

The weather has started to warm up this week so I managed to get outside and arrange some frames.  The next door dog thought I was definitely a bit strange and kept sniffing them, so I quickly took photos and moved the frame on......for fear of them getting 'christened' if you get my drift!

It got up to 26 degrees today - hottest August day in 5 years or something - not bad for Sydney still in winter.

Anyway the day was somewhat more successful than my pages turned out to be.

My knife was too sharp and I kept slashing the pages so I changed on to a thickish sewing needle to scratch into the page.  This didn't prove to burr the paper enough and so had to overlay oil pastels to make the veg leaves apparent.

The next one worked a llittle better but the scratchings are still not apparent in the photo.  I found I could only make them dark instead of greener than the background -

- then turned over and found that the imprint (left below) of the next page when wet allowed stronger green lines to show through - a serendipidous result.

The lines on the page on the right are again not very prominent.
 I think I'll have more luck with the scrafitto at the weekend when I can show paler lines from the bottom layer coming through.
Happy scratching guys!

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