Thursday, November 27, 2008

More Sketches

After having looked at so many trees and bushes in the botanic gardens and concentrated on their weird and wonderful shapes I went back to our local pond and took this photo of the lily pads floating.

I tried to sketch using various different media, studying the colours initially and then being a bit more free with my interpretation. On page 89 below, I simply stamped with acrylics and some tinted gloss medium, and overlapped some outline shapes to give an idea of transparancy.

On page 95 below,I created more surface texture with pigmented expandable paint and stamped on the back of cellophane to give shine and a bit of layering.

Page 91 uses oil pastels and ink washes while page 93 uses Pantone markers in a very stylised way. The back of the marked page is interesting too where the ink has come through.


Heather said...

I discovered your blog via Magstitch and will certainly visit again. I love your sketchbook pages and wish I was better with paint on paper - I must persevere! I think the pond studies are lovely and have often found myself that you tend to get overwhelmed by grand or exotic locations, whereas somewhere local and familiar is easier to cope with.

threadcircles said...

Hi thanks for leaving me a comment. It's great to find your blog as a result-your work is lovely- I'm looking forward to getting to the Diploma. Keep in touch! Paula