Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sculptures by the Sea

Last weekend marked the last few days of "Sculptures by the Sea" in Sydney, one of the world's largest outdoor exhibition of weird and wonderful sculptures that is held each year along the Bondi coast. To tell you the truth I have not managed to see it in person yet but my husband and daughter spent last Friday there and supplied these pictures.

This is the 12th year and there are over 100 sculptures on display on grassland, cliff faces, down on the beach and even suspended over the sea. They are, of course, open to the elements so have to be pretty hardy but I think that's half the appeal, to look and touch these pieces of art with the sounds of the sea and birdlife around you.

Obelisk by Leonard Sabol
On the Beach by Tim Kyle (resin and pulp)

Ordinary Extraordinary by Ivan Lovatt

Development by Chi Phan (recycled steel and enamel)

Alice in Wonderland by Rod McRae
(steel, polystyrene, resin and bronze)

They're all up for sale so if you can see Andy Warhol in your back garden get in touch!

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