Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Module 1 Sketchbook

I've never created a blog before (as I'm sure will become transparently obvious) but I've taken the plunge and started this to record my textile ups and downs as I work on my Diploma for City and Guilds' through Distant Stitch with Sian Martin in the UK.
As with previous modules for the certificate I have taken a while to 'find my groove' and start filling my sketchbook. My other bits and pieces of life got in the way.......
Anyway, here are a few typical pages from my small A5 sketchbook, looking at vegetation, trees, seeds, and other such green (and not so green in this city down under) things...
pages 8,9
pages 10,11
pages 14,15
pages 18,19
pages 28,29


Karen said...

Hi Helen,

I just saw your comment on English Rose in Kuwait's blog and thought I would say 'hi'. I am another of Sian's diploma students, also working on module 1.

sara said...

toby0606Hi Helen
I am another of Sian's diploma students just starting into module 1. will send you my blog address when it is up and running. in the meantime keep up the good work. What is your theme by the way?Sara