Sunday, January 10, 2016

Design from ethnic source - Chapter 4 cont.

Following on from this post where I was drawing inspiration from indigenous Australian sources I've been developing some more paper designs.
Using the 'kangaroo / boomerang' motif and variations of it, I prepared, on recycled black paper, some monoprinted backgrounds which were a little more interesting and could be progressed into stitched works.
Sian had advised me to think of the 'characteristics' of the inspirational designs that attracted me and use those in developing my own designs.  So I've employed simple colour scheme, tonal contrasts, outlining, repetition but with torn, uneven sizing.

Added motifs developed them into the following:
On a recent trip to London particularly to the British Musuem I found some interesting painted barkcloth and fibrous weaving from the Pacific islands and Torres Strait islands north of Australia.  A couple of these were inspiration for the recycled paper samples.
4.22: Painted barkcloth (left) stitched sample (right)
4.23: painted barkcloth (left) and stitched sample (right) using momi'd paper, dyed cleaning rags, dyed cloth and tea bags

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carrie donohoe said...

What truly fascinating work, really enjoyed looking at your designs