Friday, January 1, 2016

A little extra on Sterculia

While I was working on my Sterculia hanging I began to develop an accompanying wearable piece and was fortunate enough to have both works on exhibition in November through the Untethered textile group in Hornsby, NSW.

Sterculia II
Since the Sterculia plant was pharmaceutically related to the human body I felt a wearable piece was in order.  The constriction and discomfort often felt by IBS sufferers can be symptomatically relieved by this product.  This is depicted here through the use of tendrils winding around the human form, from the rigid thorn-like fronds around the neck to gradual relaxation until the tendrils open out into a lacy array of colour at the base.

Some more detailed photos:

Bodice top featuring wired tendrils
The barl-like bodice was made using hand dyed merino with tissue silk nunofelted underneath with numerous resists incorporating yarn and pencil roving.  A concealed zip is sewn in the side seam for wearablility.

Back of bodice
Sections of the bodice do not have silk structure on reverse which enables the felt lattice to fold over loosely at the top edge like peeling bark.

lower lace dress
The lattice tendrils were prepared separately and stitched on to the long bodice using seed beeds and motifs only as far as the hip area.  The rest of the tendrils (in one length 6m in total) are wound by hand once on the model using internally wired tendrils to create the neck feature.

detail of wrapping tendrils
The organza motifs found in the hanging are repeated on this garment.

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Els said...

Ahhhh Helen, it looks like the dress has just GROWN
like that, on someone's body ;-)
Would be lovely in a play .....

All the best to you and your loved ones Helen, and
lots of creativity in the new year !
Love, Els.