Thursday, February 6, 2014

The year of the Horse

As a little break from the coursework I had a few pieces to make for the Gallery to celebrate the new Chinese year of the Horse.  Inspiration for these bags came from the Uffington Horse in Berkshire, UK.

It's a very large image formed from white chalk in deep trenches on the hillside and I wanted to convey the abstract form and the furrows evident in the landscape.

The main felt was humbug blueface leicester (BFL) overdyed and the image in white was prefelted BFL inlaid into the background. The felt was quite thick so the echo stitching I did with couched perle made it very textural which I liked.  The bag is about 16" by 11", with feet, zipped top inset and wool shoulder straps.

A couple of smaller sling bags used the same felt and copied the image in layered outlines.


sharon young said...

Thes bags are so gorgeous, Helen, and what a great subject to choose.

Anne B said...

Love the horse idea Helen!

Catherine said...

These are lovely ... and I can definitely see the link to your course work.