Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Acts of destruction (aka chapter 4)

This chapter involves making samples exploring different ways of making holes in fabric / materials to create both positive and negative shapes.
I remembered doing similar lace explorations in the certificate course and so tried to move on and try other techniques. Some of these are shown below.
Positive shapes
4.1 : motif shape stitched with outline and skeleton on organza then cut out with soldering iron
4.2 : motif shape outline stitched, completely cut away then stitched across open space
4.3 : randomly stitched spiral pattern then shape defined by melted areas
Negative shapes
4.4 : Pulled threads in background to reveal shape in voided scrim
4.5 : holes made with soldering iron in polyester organza to reveal motif
I went on to slashing areas of suitable fabrics to create texture and reveal layers

4.6 : 2 layers dyed hession with grid pattern stitched then slashed diagonally in each square
4.7: 4 layers of cotton voile on gold silk dupion, random spiral stitching, cut holes, distressed edges
4.8 : detail of above showing dupion layer underneath


Catherine said...

Lots of great ideas here. I particularly like the soldering iron holes on polyester organza.

ferinn said...

Me too!
Lots of immaculate work as usual.