Saturday, February 15, 2014

round robin

Last year I took part in an ATASDA initiated round robin with 5 other members living in NSW.  We each started a project to our own theme, colours and design to pass onto the other members of the group each month - the only limitation was that each piece would be an 8" x 8" square.
I chose a theme of swirls and circles which I felt would be broad enough to interest others, asking them to stick to autumn colours, supplied them with some embellishing fibres and fabrics if they wished and a square of red merino felt on which to work.

In September my folder of goodies came back to me and I opened it to find the following lovely squares:

Claire Brach

Robyn McGrath

Sandra Shaw

Lynne Britton

Kathy Wood
 I had originally planned to use the panels in a wearable of some kind but with a need to find a receptacle in which to keep some felted samples (more of those later) I decided to make a box cube.
Each panel was backed with dyed homespun cotton and a square piece of mounting board inserted.  With a 6th panel required for the base I used my own nunofelt and added some feet.

The finished articles are to be displayed at the next ATASDA meeting on 1 March but for my fellow members who can't make it, here is how I used your lovely pieces:
I stitched a machined cord along each edge of the box to join the panels, added plaited braiding for the hinge, and simple tassels for opening.

the braiding is actually dark red too

So thanks ladies and I look forward to seeing the other creations soon!


tactualtextiles said...

Helen, these have come together so well and the finished box is superb. I'm also making a box and promise I'm not copying your idea!!! I'm just a bit slower than you.

What a great outcome, the pieces are really shown at their best.

sharon young said...

What a fabulous result to your collaboration pieces, I love all the different interpretations.

Catherine said...

What lovely squares - it must have been a lovely surprise opening them. Your box is lovely and really does them justice.