Monday, December 31, 2012

Chapter 1b - Foreign Embroidery study

The second part of chapter 1 research called for a study of floral embroidery from a foreign country. For this part I looked to the history of textiles in Japan, particularly Japanese embroidery
Like many cultures, different embroidery techniques exist in Japan eg. Rozashi (a geometric embroidery using silk threads on rigid silk canvas), Bunka (punch embroidery), and sashiko, but true Japanese embroidery has unique characteristics.

The embroidery stitches are essentially the same as those found in western embroidery eg. sashinui (long and short satin stitch) and sagaranui (knotted stitch, similar to French knots) but it is the precision and execution of these stitches in layers using silk and metal threads that makes Japanese embroidery highly recognisable.

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