Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Textile translation

Fo my 100th post I've translated one of my "off the edge" designs into fabric.
I chose this one

and translated it (loosely) into this

 I actually started off looking at my monoprinted designs which appeared more translucent with the plan of using layered organzas and embroidered flounces, but the created edge felt too different from the original cotton fabric.  I opted for a heavier faced edging in the end.

For those interested I took some photos of the process I used to achieve this look.

 The original fabric was extended by applique onto a piece of pale yellow linen

 I created some areas of background circle decoration (that came from a couple of the other designs) but embellishing pink optim roving through from the reverse and free embroidering in circles from the front.

 The 'flower' shapes were added and attached using fine zigzag around the edges.  Stripes added using cabling from the underside in perle 5 thread.

 I extended the cabling stripes into the original fabric to integrate them a little more.

8.28 detail
 A close up of the embellished background.

 The shaped edge was faced with another piece of linen, and turned right side out.

 Ribbons of petals were added on top to give further depth to the textile and for this I used sheers and silks.  The edges were roll overlocked and also cable stitch embroidered.  I wanted the ribbons to be subtle and not obscure the flowers too much.

The ribbons are only attached in certain areas to allow them to curl naturally as they fall.

The finished edge is about 40cm wide by 30cm deep.


Anne B said...

This is a fantastic piece of work Helen - totally original and so beautiful.

ferinn said...

Considering you said you had no use for the fabric it has given you the basis for a beautiful piece.

JaneO said...

Your edging really complements the fabric - looks like it grew there.