Thursday, January 5, 2012

Stitched Braids

Chapter 5 called for a variety of braids to be made using different methods.  I tried to keep to the guideline sections but some examples overlap in techniques and by the end I've definitely combined things as I see fit.
The samples are presented over 2 postings since there are 'quite a few'.
They tend to be green and red hues as this was my research focus in Module 1 for trees and vegetation.

5.1 Stitched Braids

5.1 Pattern stitched braids

These are fairly simple lengths mostly using felt strips, some of my own handmade ones, with machine stitched patterns.
From L to R, 1 is stitching of knitting tape, 2 3 4 and 7 stitching on felt trapping fragments of organza, 5 6 stitching on felt and overlocked organza strip, 8 trapped organza and dyed scrim, 9 trapped squares of textured painted felt.

5.2 Wrapped braids

5.2 wrapped braids

From top to bottom:
1 is a 3strand wrapped braid, 2 is plaited around felt then cetrally stitched, 3 4 wrapped with organza and silk then stitched, 5 6 and 7 wrapped with knitting wools, 8 wrapped with scrim stips, 9 organza and tape wrappings in opposing directions, 10 organza couched with gold fibre then wrapped around felt, 11 overlocked organza strip wrapped around machined cord then stitched.

5.3 Stitched Braid Threads

5.3 Stitched cord braids

For this section I prepared machine cords from stuffed tubular knitting cotton hand dyed.
From L to R, 1 has three cords stitched together, 2 has four cords together with another couched on top, 3 has two sets of cord groupings with wavy gold cabling then joined together with a further cord down centre, 4 has seven cords joined with metallic cabling, 5 like 4 except that the central cords have been plaited before joining to others.  The 7th sample had brass beads incorporated into the last cord.

5.4 Wrapped frame braids

5.4 wrapped frame braids

For these I made a frame from wire folder inserts that could be separated to remove the braid.  The braids are all about 2cm wide.
From L to R, 1 wrapped organza and wool (then cut) stitched with gold cabling.
2 wrapped scrim and wool with central cord couched.
3 wrapped fibres with central machine stitching over ribbon.
4 wrapped organzas over central cords then couched fibre added.

5.5 Water-soluble braids

5.5 water soluble braids

Some of these samples had less of the lacy look and more structure as I used heavier machined cords rather than threads on Solvy.
From L to R, I think most of these are self explanatory but in case they are not obvious, 4 uses cut sections of stitched felt braid, 5 uses circles of felt, 6 uses squares of organza, and the green 'strapwork' design in 7 was made by laying perle in this pattern over stitcky Aquasol then free couching over it and gold fibres to retain design.

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