Sunday, October 10, 2010

Some monoprinting fun

I brought out my piece from summer school this week (while I was looking for something else of course) and thought that I would make something of or at least with it.  Two minutes later I decided it would stay as it was "for later consideration", just couldn't cut it up etc.  However I was inspired enough to get the fabric paints out again and print some more.

I found some A4 ish pieces of fabric that I'd dyed a terrible puce yellow for some reason and thought they'd be ideal for a makeover.
I got quite into it and was fairly pleased with the prints so I turned them into smallish bags that I thought would sell at my next sale.

I did some free embroidery on each design to echo the print designs, backed on to interfacing then wadding.
The bags are closed with flexiframes - you used to only get these in 3.5inch widths but I've now discovered 4.5inch ones that you can at least get your hand through, wonderful - the things that excite me!!

The cording means they can be hung, or put a lobster clasp through the loops at the side and you can attach it to your belt, handbag. 


ferinn said...

These are fabulous you're so productive.I was at Alex Palace yesterday and Ruth was doing her printing on the Art Van Go stand.

Hazel said...

super bags - they look delicious, bet they are snapped up.