Monday, September 27, 2010


I think this was a very useful exercise if only to find out which metallic threads my machine liked and which ones it absolutely hated (those I've relegated to the next free for all at ATASDA social day bearing a "health warning"!).
The metallics I used are in the photo below (in the same arrangement as used in the samples):

The middle pale blue in the second row...aargh...Madeira no.15 if any of you fare better with it free machining without producing birds' nests underfoot let me know.


9.1 and 9.2 the samples of machining those metallics with red and blue thread, respectively, in the bobbin.
Some of the differences in overall colour are more obvious than others.

The next exercise was to pick one metallic and stitch samples using different colours of bobbin thread.  I picked the very gold metallic (middle of bottom row) and used 4 colours from my research eg. shades of coral and green.

 9.3 shows the back of the work and the bobbin colours.

9.4 shows the front.  Each metallic/bobbin thread is sewn in 4 directions to test for any colour changes with light reflection.


JaneO said...

Aargh - metallics can be a pain! Surprising how much difference that bobbin colour makes.

ferinn said...

Did you have a metallic thread in the bobbin too? I was taught to use one and it does seem to help.I have sometimes worked upside down with the metallic in the bobbin.