Friday, October 29, 2010

It's getting warm - Christmas is coming!

Today was the opening of the Wheel 'n' Weft craft group Christmas sale in Thornleigh, of which I'm a member, and it was extremely busy.  The first few hours are usually hectic but today seemed extra busy - must have been the homebaking and the Christmas music! 
I took some photos to give you a flavour of the place and the other members' work - glass, textiles, wood etc etc

Rhondda Retallack

Jenny Gordon

Elaine Farrington

Lindie d'Ath-Weston

The sale and exhibition is on until Sunday 31 October 4pm so do stop by.


threadcircles said...

Hi Helen
Thanks for your kind comment, struggling on with the next module would be more accurate! I enjoy reading your blog, just not very good at the commenting thing!
Best wishes Paula

ferinn said...

Thanks for your supportive comment,I shall continue and get there in the end.

Maggie said...

Thanks for comments Helen, wish we had your 'summer warmth' here!! I did manage to get the string off the must decide what to do with it!! Love all the exciting things you are very productive!