Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Bonded layers - chapter 9

This chapter's experimentation and samples centred around using bonding transfer adhesives (eg Vliesofix, Bondaweb etc the name depending on where you are in the world) and bonding powder to layer up translucent and lacy sheer fabrics in interesting ways.

With my Australian ethnic research of this module in mind I prepared some unconventional 'fabrics' by bonding fibrous scraps to Vliesofix sheets (approx A4 size)

9.1: Scraps of dyed hessian on one layer of web
9.2 Yarn scraps on one layer of web
9.3: Torn used teabags and crushed egg shells between 2 layers of web
9.4: scraps of muslin and raffia strips between 2 layers of web
These were then torn / cut up and bonded onto new backgrounds with further stitching to create samples related to my previous research eg 4.22 and 4.23

9.5: Wide strips cut from 9.1 bonded on to  permanganate dyed cotton background.  Covered with red sheer, bonded, zapped with heat gun, then stitched in black couching cords
9.6: Close up of 9.5
9.7: Lines of stitching made on black sheer covering yellow background then burned back with heat gun.  Squares of 'fabric' (in 9.3) using teabags and eggshells cut and bonded then shape emphasised with surface stitching

9.8: Close up of 9.7
9.9: Torn pieces of webbing 'fabric' from both 9.2 and 9.4 were bonded onto a cotton backing.  Strips of Tyvek which had been rusted  were stitched down and distorted using a heat gun to resemble curling bark
9.10: Close-up of 9.9 above

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