Friday, August 9, 2013

"Lace Book"

While I was in the UK in July, I was lucky enough to attend a workshop at Art Van Go in Knebworth.  Not that I needed any excuse to visit the shop but a good thing I only had 2 days to peruse the supplies and fill my suitcase.
The workshop was with Julia Triston from Durham and proved to be a great 2 days working on creating a lace inspired sketchbook.  Her own bulging sketchbook was inspiration enough but she packed numerous demos and ideas into our time together to keep us more than busy.
We worked on sketchbook pages - staining, cutting, tearing, sticking, sewing - while they were removed from the book, hence the photos featuring separated pages in a pile.  It wasn't until the end of day 2 that pages were reconfigured into the ring binding and I realised how much everyone had achieved - a fantastic array of inspiration.  I took many photos but without others' permission have only included those of my own below.


Catherine said...

Looks like a wonderful workshop - and what a useful and inspiring resource your great sketchbook will be.

ferinn said...

This looks fabulous.Good to see you at Farncombe.