Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Final paperwork for Module 4

Below I have commented on the storage and associated health & safety issues for materials new to my diploma work so far eg. use of wool and silk dyes.
I have self evaluated on work completed in this module omitting my PAP3 development, evaluation and costings etc of which will follow in due course.

Landscape (TM) dyes:
Powdered dye material used for dyeing wool, mohair, silk, alpaca (protein fibres) and nylon.  These are stored in sealed opaque containers out of reach of children and away from food sources and food preparation areas.
On current available information Landscape dyes have low oral toxicity, but it is advised that users avoid dust inhalation, ingestion, eye and skin contact by wearing gloves, apron and a mask when dealing with such dye powders.  Use utensils reserved for such use and not used for food preparation.

Materials to aid digital printing on fabric:
InkAID semi-gloss precoat:
Ensure that gloves are worn and there is adequate ventilation in the room of use. Keep out of reach of children.

Evaluation of work in Module 4
My focus of research into trees and vegetation for diploma made it easier to find close links to this module's floral based work.  My initial research in chapter 1 deliberately focused on new images to expand my sources already in my sketchbook, however I used images from Module 1 and sketchbook as backgrounds to link with new slips in chapter 6.
My design ideas for PAP3 employ newly developed motifs in Module 4 with designs and composition techniques developed in previous modules.  In this way I feel my work is progressing and benefitting from the course.
My artists study is closely related to the subject of this module and 2 of these artists have had a direct influence on my work during this time.


with samples made for chapters 5 and 6 of Module 4.

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