Thursday, May 9, 2013

PAP3 samples

I've been trying out a few ideas of cutwork and lace for the background and edging of my PAP3 hanging.  These are sewn on silk organza and hand cut:

 It's not too clear from 12.1 but sections of the shapes have been cut away to give a shadow effect and colour shading
In 12.2 the top shape fabric was completely removed once the outline sewn then restabilised in a hoop and lace stitched on watersoluble fabric.  In the bottom shape only sections of the fabric were removed - a sort of broderie anglaise look.

In 12.3 I was looking at creating a staggered shape hanging in the gap, which I like and fits with my 'falling' shapes in the design.

I've also worked on some hand-dyed prefelt for the hanging, using an electric urn.

 I dyed some white prefelt a lichen / lime green using an ombre technique to get colour gradation. The wool is gradually pulled out of the pot over a wood block, then covered and steamed to set. You can see a sample of that in 12.5 below on the far right of the photo.  Then most of this prefelt was overdyed again using a dark blue acid dye again by the ombre technique (2nd from right in photo below) and directly in the pot having been shibori tied to retain areas of green (left of photo below)

12.5 dyed prefelt
A selection of tonal felts were similarly created from white using black acid dye (photo 12.6) to use in the black/white monotonal part of the design.  The colour variation within each piece was not as great as I had imagined (too much liquid in the pot so the dye dispersed and dyed fairly evenly) so I'll perhaps add wisps of wool roving to break up the colour or hand stitch after.

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sharon young said...

I really like the direction your going in with theses shapes, especially the ones that look like cutwork.
Your dying technique looks pretty exciting too, looking forward to seeing how you bring it all together.