Friday, February 10, 2012

Textile Artists using construction techniques

For chapter 12 of this module I've looked at work by textile artists that involve some of the construction techniques I've been studying - knitting, weaving, wrapping, etc

I've arranged the work on 3 A3 boards with a few comments on their techniques.

My 2 favourites have to be Adrienne Sloane and Nora Fok.  Adrienne I was lucky enough to meet in Australia when she came over from the States and taught a workshop for ATASDA in 2009 and gave a talk on her work the preceding evening.  I love her thought-provoking pieces in bold colours.  I learned how to manipulate shapes and try out some strange 'fibres' in my knitting first from her.

Nora Fok I first read about in 2001 just when I was really starting on the C&G path and was finding how exciting textiles could be.  Her 'knitting' just amazed me and I love the delicacy of her jewellery.
As if only to prove to myself how dexterous she must be to achieve these pieces, I had a go knitting with the nylon microfilament she often uses on 4 needles.  I had read in an article that her needles were about size 9 or 10 so that seemed achievable.  The photo below shows my 3rd or 4th attempt at knitting this fibre in the round to make an i-cord (of a sort).  It's about 20cm long so is by no means miniature but I still found it incredibly difficult to control and impossible to give smooth edges to the shape - even more in awe now!

There are many wonderful basket makers in Australia, eg Virginia Kaiser so I have included her on the next board along with Shuna Rendel from the UK who creates lovely sculptural pieces in similar materials.
Anne Jackson's quicky subject tapestries involve a double half-hitch knotting method that I'm in the process of trying and gives a lovely 3D quality to the work.   Jan Truman weaves copper and stainless steel wire into striking sculptures with glass and fabric, while Julie Kornblum from USA weaves colourful sculptures using fabric cords and recyclable materials.

On the subject of recycling, I love the work of Chakaia Booker involving recycled tyres and wood woven together, and Ryan Lytle from USA who has used recycled materials and wire woven together.
Michael Brennand-Wood always produces wonderfully colourful and detailed 3D works that combine wrapping and weaving of rigid materials into pieces with great animation and life.
Jessica Preston, not strictly a textile artist but more of a textile designer creates fabric work with an almost origami like intricacy of manipulation that I love.


Max the Lobster said...

this is a great set of artists and techniques. i think the thing i like about using the nylon is that it does crinkle back up again. i wonder how Nora gets it so smooth unless it is heat set or something? Loved your sketchbook pages too

jane said...

Thanks for your comment on my blog. I do check in on some of the distant stitch blogs now and again so hopefully will not be loosing contact with everyone. I love what you have done for the Looking into Competition, especially the newsprint collage.

Meg said...

Hi Helen, congratulations on being a winner in the DS art competition.

Your artist study looks very interesting - I love those collars