Monday, February 6, 2012

Sketchbook pages "Looking into..."

Here are my sketchbook pages for Sian's Distant Stitch competition entitled "Looking into....".

Many of you know of my love of making handbags 'on the side' to my City and Guilds studies so I decided to "look into basket of handbag bits" for this.  Here is a selection of those buckles, catches, feet, etc so that you know what I'm on about!

The sketchbook pages following are all A5size.

1 and 2 are graphite drawings on page washed with diluted procion dyes.

3. uses watercolour pencils and fine tipped white and black pens

 4. Drawing in chalk pastels on black.

 5. is a collage representation in printed newsprint.

 6. Rubbings in oil pastels over O- and D-rings then schematic shapes of clips and twistlocks cut out of page to reveal black page below.

 7. Page cut into strips from centre, folded back and woven to give a link to the original basket, and to allow the viewer to look inside at charcoal drawings and embossed aluminium cut shapes.

 8. Monoprinting in 3 layers to build up 'drawing' made from the back of page

9. Monoprinting in several colours on page over shape resists.  Resulting coloured resists glued offset to give shadow effect.

10. Partial drawings in oil pastels, page washed in diluted Procion dye solution, dye removed with thickened bleach drawings, free machining of repeating shapes in black thread.

Many thanks for the challenge, Sian. I tried to include as many different types of media as I could but I found (like Jen I think) that it made the selection of only 10 all the more difficult!


ferinn said...

What a fabulous selection!I love them all but especially the monoprints and the bleach and cutouts.

sharon young said...

I love all your studies and such an unusual subject too.
Pic 9 is amazing, so much depth and wonderful warm colours.
Thank you so much for your super comment on my PAP
it's brilliant to get feedback, especially from fellow students.

Meg said...

Wow, these are all great. Good luck in the competition

lizzhatfield said...

Having such kind of talent is really a blessing, you really have the creativity to create it.

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Catherine said...

Lovely work Helen. You have used such a wide variety of media and I love how you have developed the work. Well done for winning second prize!