Friday, August 13, 2010

Machiko Agano

Machiko Agano is another talented textile artist who explores lace in a very sculpural form. She is a professor in the textile department of Kyoto Seika university, Japan but also has exhibited internationally in collaboration and in solo to high aclaim.
I first came across her work in an issue of Fiberarts and just loved the scale and the visual representation of space.

Agano trained initially as a weaver but now knits on large needles using fishing wire, silk, monofilament and steel wire in wonderfully irregular patterns.

Her work, often suspended from the ceiling in her installations, is largely neutral or clear in colour to exploit the colours of the surroundings through the tranlucency of her pieces. Many who see her work comment on its representation of air as the installations merge as one with their surroundings.


Anne B said...

Amazing - especially on such a large scale. Have you tried googling Nora Fok? She works in the UK and knits jewellery with very fine fishing wire.

Fibrenell said...

Thanks for that Anne. I checked her out - beautiful jewellery!