Thursday, February 26, 2009

Solid shape design study

As part of chapter 4 I have been playing around with shapes from my sketchbook and preparing designs around those shapes. I drew gumnuts in various forms and in various media. The photo below shows two pages (top) that looked at a representation of the gumnuts, in torn papers and bleach on ink. I developed a flowing shape (in orange, bottom left), from these and created designs from paper cutouts and stamps of this image.

Design 1 (bottom R): diagonal colouring over shape

Design 2: Shape within diamonds
Design 3: rotated and folded shapes
Design 4: New shape coloured in counterchange
Design 5: Shape within overlapping rectangles
Design 6: rectangles cut and replaced
Design 7: strips and displaced shape
Design 8: Shape within letter and writing
Design 9: repeated shapes within lines of writingDesign 10: Figure drawn over the collaged shapes
Design 11: A eye drawn over shapes
Design 12: Collage folded, shape redrawn on top, unfolded then repeated in perpendicular direction
Design 13: negative spaces coloured in collaged design of repeated shapesDesign 14 and 15: negative shapes (striped and solid) from shape collages (eg design 13), in new designs with drawn and ripped verticals
Design 16: Original shapes cut from striped collage of coloured papers, marked outlines of original shape on top
Design 17: Cut, stamped, bleached and dotted shapes of various sizes


sara said...

great stuff! Lovely colours and shapes. Potassium permanganate can be bought as a powder from the chemists, mixed with water and painted onto paper or cotton. It discharges with lemon juice. Apparently it is a nasty chemical so use with care. It was you who asked me about it wasn't it!Sara

sara said...

We have just had our local textile group conference in Cork, Southern Ireland, and Jan Beaney was the keynote speaker. She showed a slide of, and spoke about, the textile piece that your husband bought you and said how pleased she was that it had found a home in Australia. I was very pleased that I knew where it had gone to! Sara

Penscombe said...

Your blog is terrific. Thank you for posting so many inspiring photos. I started my Diploma about one month ago and have picked the theme of trees/woodland. It has been a very slow start as I struggle to do anything experimental: I always want it to look perfect and finished which is not at all the right attitude for C&G! I feel that reading your blog has given me a good kick to go and try some new techniques etc