Thursday, April 17, 2014

Fun at FibreArts Forum, Ballarat

For the last week or so I have been at Ballarat, Victoria for the annual Fibre Arts Forum there having fun in Pam de Groot's workshop "Freedom Construction in Felt". We had a small class, only 5 students, so for once we had plenty of space to work on our garments.
We worked from scratch - making metres of undyed prefelt, using fine merino tops

Maxine working on a section of her prefelt
and dyeing the prefelts and silks using various tools from Bunnings and empty wine bottles in shibori techniques with acid dyes.

before creating our ever evolving garments.  I have to say for me, who likes to plan meticulously, "going with the flow" and adding / subtracting pieces as the garment seemed to dictate, was a challenge but very rewarding in the end.

This is my (almost) finished dress and yes, I went for the purples and blues yet again - a creature of habit.

back of the dress

And some photos of the detail

arashi dyed silk paj with texture
swags of nunofelt with silk
arashi dyed silk lining

It really took me 5 days to get there mentally and physically but so glad I did.  I have often been inspired by Pam's work while I've been in the Craft NSW gallery on duty but I have now only even more respect for the skills involved in creating her unique garments. 


Els said...

Oooooh WOW Helen, I envy you !!!!
I had a workshop with Pam here in Holland three years ago, she's a very special and lovely person !

Though we had the natural dye technique (I never did that before) but I must say I'm more a person for the stronger acid dye colours !!!!

What a wonderful garmant you made !
(ha, I recognise the "I want to know where all this is leading" type of person : me ;-) !)

sharon young said...

Wow! What a beautiful dress, the colours are wonderful and I love the touch if pattern with the leaves on the lining silk.
I must admit I would have found it really difficult to go with the flow, I like to be thoroughly prepared, but when you do do it, it is liberating.