Wednesday, September 18, 2013

"Transience" - my personal assessment piece 3 .....finally

After my tutorial session with Sian at summer school, way back in July, I considered her comments on my hanging and had some more work to do.  Her comments included possibly creating vertical tucks in the facial areas to reduce the flatness, achieving texture within the felted shapes, making shapes appear to 'fade away' at the bottom, and making some shapes appear to lift or curl off the surface.

In the end I went with some suggestions and not others.

  • I created another sample to look at creating tucks in the felt but this made the organza below the tucks splay out somewhat like a skirt - I lost the 'drop' of the curtain hanging which I had liked.  So instead, I created the texture with thick cords couched onto the large dark felt areas.


This served to add texture further solidity to the hanging area while breaking up the dark felt area with surface interest.

  • I added further felted shapes to the top right area, stitching tucks and folds in them, while leaving them partially loose at edges.  Hanging cords continued the vertical lines of stitching throughout the hanging.

Further organza shapes were partially stitched, letting them lift off the piece, and stitched from thin cords to let them fall freely.


Finally lacy versions of the shape were applied to the bottom right edge to suggest fading and transformation.

12.21 Hanging seen from reverse through open doorway
I was fortunate to have an opportunity to exhibit this piece as a guest artist in "Exquisite Touch", an exhibition of the latest work from 5 artists working in textiles, beadwork, flameworked glass, and traditional lace at Craft NSW, Sydney.
I'm pleased to say that I met my deadline to complete this and it took its place in the lovely display yesterday on opening night.
Please excuse my hovering bag in the foreground - didn't realise it was in the shot until after the event.

The supporting statement read
dyed merino wool, dyed silk organza, 1m x 2m

“Change is the only evidence of life”        E Waugh

Images are often captured memories of a subject which is constantly changing and evolving with the passage of time. 
In Transience I have played with merino wool and silk organza; with opacity and translucency, to express the evolution of one image into another.  The transience of a childhood reflection is not mourned but celebrated as the next stage of life is entered.

I had planned for the piece for window display but display constraints determined it looked better here, slightly offset from the wall which did created lovely shadows of the shapes behind.

The exhibition runs now until 29 Sept and for those that cannot get to see it, I shall have more photos up on my designs facebook page in due course.


Diane Kelsey said...

A truly stunning piece of work. the addition work and ideas to your final piece totally transformed it. To have it included in an exhibition already must have been very exciting. Well done!

Max the Lobster said...

It's wonderful Helen, I love all the different elements and they work so well together. Reading Brideshead Revisited at the moment (Evelyn Waugh)!

Catherine said...

Great work Helen. It has been so interesting to watch your ideas develop and such stunning results! I love the cords and the organza pieces and I agree with you about how good the shadows look.

Fibrenell said...

Thanks for your kind words, guys

sharon young said...

What a wonderful conclusion to your final piece, I love the contrast of the felt with the open work motifs, and well done for exhibiting it too, it looks so beautiful in situ

ferinn said...

Absolutely stunning,all the different elements work so well together.

epocktextiles said...

wonderful Helen, I missed seeing it in person, but maybe it will be around somewhere over the next month.