Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Some thoughts on my PAP3

Getting close to the end of module 4, I've been thinking about my third personal assessment piece (PAP) for the last couple of weeks, and drawing a bit of inspiration from some exhibitions I visited over the summer.

The Gallery of NSW in Sydney had a lovely collection of Francis Bacon's work that I enjoyed.  His portraits are fascinating to study, with blocks of colour and so few distinct lines being able to give great expression in his faces.  It made be turn back to the faces design work I did in the last module and examine again how few lines and shapes I could get away with while retaining a recognisable face.

I also knew I wanted to continue the use of repetitive shapes in the design of this piece but avoid creating a repetitive wallpaper-like pattern, rather than an artistic design.

The Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney had a wonderful Anish Kapoor exhibition with reflective shaped surfaces in abundance and I loved the way this photo image of a large exhibit seems to be made from repetitive shapes fragmenting outwards.

So I thought of taking my magnolia shape repetitively, overlapping them, to create a bust of sorts.

I ended up with the design below:

The colours are not set, prefer them in dark mauve - lime green scheme I used in previous samples.

I tried another motif shape, based on twisted japanese yew trees since the original model of the face was my son Ewan (whose name means "of the yew tree" among other more Scottish derivations).
But I didn't feel this worked and that the original shape 'flowed' better so I'll stick with that one:
As for how I proceed I'm unsure and will try out a few ideas in time.  The background design obviously needs thought.  I had an idea of preparing a translucent background, perhaps lace ground so that the shapes are suspended and the negative spaces are visible but equally a heavier felted form might work.

While I 'muse' I decided to work on a wearable piece for an exhibition in April in which I've been invited to participate.  I thought I'd explore the shape further and so the piece will involve the shapes interlocked on the bodice in heavier embroidered fabric and the echoing shape in lacework.

As I have to be ready for photography in 2 weeks I'm a bit busy, but not too pushed to miss a trip to Spotlight today - the chance for 20% off Australia's fabric store on your own birthday is too good to miss - ok, I'm a woman of limited imagination I admit it.

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Catherine said...

Fascinating ideas and the bodice is gorgeous!