Sunday, October 14, 2012

After my week felting in Geelong, I've had a bit of a felting frenzy.  I love the softness of fine merino roving, particularly for wearables but after working 3-dimensionally with coarser wools, I've grown attached to the ruggedness and natural look to those undyed fibres, so I've been using those in my bigger bags to give robustness to them.
I used corridale roving in a bag made earlier in the year for an exhibition with a musical theme, and so have made a few more.

This one uses dyed corriedale wool roving with hand-dyed silk velvet and surface embroidery with a leather strap. It's about 40cm by 30cm.

And this one uses a mixture of bluefaced leicester and jacob wool roving with a slightly different musical arrangement.  The felt looks quite grey here but actually it's more of an oatmeal colour.  I feel a theme coming on here!

These wool breeds are commonplace in the UK but a bit more unusual in Aus, so it reminds me of home. 


Anne B said...

Lovely bags. Great to see your work.

Karen said...

Gorgeous Bags, love them :)

JaneO said...

Beautiful bags.