Friday, December 16, 2011

Tudor Strapwork

Finally got round to presenting my research on strapwork designs in Tudor embroidery.  I realised that I'd started collecting bits and pieces a year ago, oops, but better late than never.  This is one piece of reearch I wish I had been in the UK to study but books and photos from previous trips had to suffice, along with the internet of course.

I've presented the work on 3 A3 boards with a short A4 text.
The "Shakespearean" script on the boards I downloaded from a website so hope it's readable.

The designs have been replicated using felt cords I made and leather cording I had already as I felt they reflected the materials of the time.

The third board has stitch examples sewn in gold thread on 32count linen, and some rubbings taken from the printing blocks prepared for chapter 2.

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