Thursday, June 10, 2010

"Fire and Water"

This year's exhibition and sale by the North Shore Craft Group, Sydney, of which I am a member, is taking place next week. As well as having a selection of handbags and wearable accessories in the display as usual, I have 2 pieces in the exhibition entitled this year "Fire and Water".
I decided to interpret the title separately and to have one piece inspired by fire and one by water, but both using the same textile techniques and the same size (framed about 30" by 12")

The first is "Bushfire" inspired by the terrible bushfires in Victoria at the beginning of last year.

It's also my little tribute to Jan Beaney's technique as the piece is made from extensive hand stitching over scraps of dyed scrim, silk and wool tops then integrated using machine stitching and the embellisher. A small area is detailed below:
The second is "Ocean Pools", using a similar technique but more translucent, with digitally printed silk organza in the background, less wool tops, and separately prepared lace pieces added on top of the work at the end. I've also used painted fusible web and distressed sheers in there too.
The photo below shows the lace ripples in more detail:


ferinn said...

Stunning and evocative,you produce such lovely work.

Aussie Jo said...

Gorgeous use of Jan's technique, I wish I could be at the exhibition! (I did a workshop with Jan and Jean in Melbourne earlier this year)