Thursday, May 28, 2009

Inspiring porcelain

I had to show some photos of the work of a good friend of mine, Jo Wood, after my husband bought me one of her lamps recently.

The detail in her pleating of the clay is stunning, especially in the evening when the light is on and the translucency is apparent. She normally works in white but did this with hints of blue as I have a love of blues.

I love this previous piece. It has a greenish verdigris look to the pleating not so apparent in this photo.

Her work is amazing and she has justifiably won awards in Australia. But she is never one to push herself into the limelight, so I'm doing it for you, Jo!.
You can see more of her work and contact her here or if local to Sydney visit Kerry Lowe's gallery in Newtown.

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Janelle said...

wow very very great art piece fantastic I sure like to learn more about arts you amaze me........