Thursday, January 29, 2009

Australian wildlife

I've spent the last couple of weeks on summer holiday activities with the family and thought I'd share some of the photos with you all.

We went to Taronga Zoo (on what has become our annual visit) to find a wonderful new sealife area now as well as everything else and to meet the 'babies' born since our last visit. In particular we wanted to see Manifa, the 11 week old baby pigmy hippo, so so cute at only about 18 inches long. Seemingly she'd been unable to stand properly at birth and her mother gradually abandoned her, leaving her to be 'hand reared' at the zoo until strong enough to hopefully go back to her mother.

I managed to embarass my daughter again by walking around with tissue paper taking rubbings etc - not cool I believe, but they inspired me to get back to creating my texture pieces in white - more next week, promise.

We had a week in Tasmania just past, and couldn't leave without visiting the Tasmanian Devil Sanctuary. But boy do those little teeth look sharp, up close! The poor things were looking very hot in the warm weather that week.

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