Monday, March 10, 2014

Surface stitching felted

Some further fun with Fiona Duthie's online course - this time working on surface stitching into prefelt then fully felting.
I had some corriedale roving dyed I made, testing out the colour of a newly bought Landscape dye (mountain blue) which I laid out and got to prefelt stage.  Dried overnight then used some tapestry wools to sew some simple lines of running stitch.

A few colours later this is what I'd produced.

Then back to wetting out and felting further to integrate the stitching.  As the wool had been hand-dyed and prefelted already this stage didn't take very long, shrinking the felt by about 40%.

Actually this was pretty rectangular - just the perspective of the photo and published on its side (what's with that?)

This was originally made as a sample for the course but i got a bit carried away stitching in front of the tv, so with a piece about 1m x 70cm I had had to make something worthwhile with it.

I found some dyed cotton just the same puce lime colour (yes that colour seemed good at the time) as the wool stitching and used that as the lining with some hardware and leather strap for this:

Last week of the course to come when we think of a personal piece to incorporate our favourite techniques - lots of ideas, but will try not to make another bag, restrain yourself, Helen....