Friday, March 16, 2012

Wearable art - contemporary Elizabethan

After researching strapwork for Module 3 I got interested in the design features and dress of the Elizabethan and Tudor time and decided to use that as the inspiration for a wearable art piece.  This work is not part of my C&G diploma per se but I wanted to try out some lacework features with applique that might become part of my 2nd assessment piece with metals.  That design is forever changing (sorry Sian) but will get there!

So here are a few photos of the wearable corsetted tunic that will be part of an exhibition in Aus around Easter.

The bodice is made from panels of layered chiffons embroidered and distressed, overlaid with machined cords, and panels of hand dyed silk velvet couched with a gold fibre.

 The lower 'skirt' is made up of 3 sections with godets inserted to give fullness.  I appliqued diamonds (to repeated the shapes in the bodice) of velvet and more distressed fabric fairly randomly but fading towards the bottom.  They were edged in couched cords and some of the 'blank' diamonds were cut away to give more transparency and lightness.  Further pieces of 'lace' were sewn using cords on watersoluble fabric and attached to the chiffon to echo the shapes.

The bodice is fully lined by the way, and is fastened with machined cord through eyelets.
And in case you're wondering, it looks much better on the mannequin than yours truly!



Unknown said...

Love the wearable art piece - looks like you used the same bodice pattern I used several years ago when I started costume making.

Catherine said...

Absolutely beautiful! You have really captured the Tudor style. I love your colours and the way you have made the skirt increasingly light and transparent.

sharon young said...

What a beautiful piece. I love the way you've contemporised the Elizabeth design.
Congrats on exhiting in an exhibition.

epocktextiles said...

so is this your prize winning piece (well, one of them!)? stunning!

Fibrenell said...

Yes, I've just heard that it's won the wearable art section at the Sydney Royal Easter Show this year, so am pretty pleased. The show is on until 18th April at Olympic Park, Sydney if you are in the area.