Saturday, December 24, 2011

Where's a paper shredder when you need one?

Chapter 3 called for an examination of woven structures using paper strips.  I remember Anne writing that she had used her paper shreddings for this...but I didn't unfortunately possess such a useful tool so spent a 'while' cutting strips before I could start.
I got quite into the weaving process and then, of course, wanted to use them all up once I'd taken the time to cut them. Some looked too weird for display!  I've arranged some of the more successful ones below in 3.1

3.1 The top row shows closed woven structures using mostly 4 different coloured strips.
The bottom row shows open woven structures, trying to emulate the embroidered strapwork from my research in Chapter 1.

 3.2 Strips of white paper were folded concertina-like fashion then a pattern cut to created a repetitive patterned band (like making lines of snowflakes). 
The third white pattern is a linking of 2 bands woven together although that is not really obvious from the photo.
I cut some bands in coloured paper to make the woven links more obvious.  I particularly liked the line of little men that appeared in the negative spaces of the first coloured weaving.

 3.3 shows weavings using strips and 'hollow shapes'.
The top one and the last (bottom right) use shapes loosely found in the strapwork of Holbein's paintings.  The second and third patterns use a hollow shape of a gumnut (in 2 sizes) that I worked on in my A5 sketchbook of Module 1.  The shapes seem to make an interesting looped motif in the third design that looks similar to looped cording in strapwork.

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